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The Operator is in control

The second player must act as the Operator.

Buying a copy of the game gives the Operator free access to the Terranova Operating Central System, helping the Agent with the solutions of the various puzzles.

The Operator must guide the Agent to perform procedures that he could not complete otherwise.

OSS Operating Central System

A new form of Co-op Communication

“Communication is not what we say, but what reaches others.” (Thorsten Havener)

This is the challenge proposed by Codename: Terranova: to communicate effectively, creatively, constantly adapting to unexpected and unknown situations.

Do you already have your communication pattern?


To finish before time runs out: this is your goal. Time passes, stress increases and making mistakes becomes easier, and easier. An incorrect indication or hesitating too much in making a decision can cost you the Mission. The harmony with your partner will be put to the test!

Game Mode

Choose how you play: QUICK mode or CAMPAIGN mode

– QUICK mode, designed for those who love to play for the pure pleasure of doing it. Fast sessions to spend your free time with the right teammate.

Every module is a surprise.

– CAMPAIGN mode, where you must overcome a series of Missions with increasing difficulty, each containing a special challenge.

Will you be able to position yourself at the top of the leaderboards?


The Agent will explore the virtual environments with which he will interact. Their task will be to identify devices and objects, discovering how they work. Only by carefully following the instructions provided by the Operator will they be able to complete the mission unscathed


The Operator, with the help of the Terranova Operating Central System (O.C.S.), will have to guide the Agent’s movements and help them pass the various tests. But it will not always be so simple: the O.C.S. carefully guards important information. The Operator must keep a cool head, keep track of time, retrieve the necessary information and transmit it correctly to the Agent

One copy two Players

The purchase of a single copy gives you the right to access and use the O.C.S. for free. , to which you can connect from any type of Smart Device. 

Enter the connection code and… Have a good Mission!

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